Date: April 16, 2019, 9:00-16:45 
Venue: Central European University – 1051 Budapest Nádor Utca 15. 

Digital Talent Conference

Driving for Business Performance in a Digitalized World

16 April 2019

Dutchamjointly with the Swisscham Hungary, in co-operation with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the Danish Business Club and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary invite you to their business event.

We invite decisionmakers to join this exclusive conference where we share trends and best practices regarding the integration and development of digital talent at corporations, via new ways of working, like design thinking and agile methods.


08:30-09:00Arrival, registration
09:10-09:30Keynote: What is Digital Talent?
Róbert Mantó, Advisory team leader – KPMG
What is digital talent? New generations and start-ups vs corps.
Tech development, ecosystem. What value does it bring to the company? Integration problems and whys.

Section 1: Digital Talent

09:30-09:45Presentation: Why digital talent is important for corps?
Judit Endrei-Kiss, HR Director – Telenor
Why do corporations need Digital Talent and what value does it bring to the company?
Are corporations prepared to integrate, motivate and develop the new generation?
9:45-10:00Presentation: Finding digital talent and their requirements
László Adrián Spiller, Executive IT Recruitment Consultant and Team Lead – Adecco Hungary
10:00-10:15Presentation: Startup thinking
István Lám, CEO – Tresorit
How does it work? How do they define talent?
What obstacles and challenges do they see when co-operating with corporations?
10:15-10:45Panel discussion: 
Moderator: dr. István Cselényi, 
Vice-President – Hungarian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, CEO – Telia Carrier
Máté Fazekas, Head of Corporate Affairs – BT Global Services in Hungary
Judit Endrei-Kiss, Chief HR Officer – Telenor
István Lám, CEO – Tresorit
Krisztián Zsédely, Head of Sales –
Adrián László Spiller, Executive IT Recruitment Consultant and Team Lead – Adecco Hungary
Szonja Balogh, Business Digital Transformation Strategist

10:45-11:15  Coffee break

11:15-12:00  KPMG Workshop
Dániel Bálint, Telecommunications, media and technology manager – KPMG

12:00-13:00  Lunch

Section 2: Future Talent, next generation

13:00-13:15Presentation: Tangible Business AdvantagesMelanie Seymour, Managing Director – BlackRock Hungary
13:15-13:30Presentation: What is the goal of learning in an unpredictable and changeable labor market?Ádám Babocsay, Head of Marketing and Strategy – Budapest School
13:30-13:45Presentation: How to make a motivating environment for the Y and the X generationNorbert Tóth-Borbély, Sales and Recruitment Manager – Codecool
13:45-14:00Presentation:Dr. Beáta Nagy, Directors board member – Nők a Tudományban Egyesület
14:00:14:15Presentation: Women in Science
Dr. Andrea Kozma, Director – InnovationsLab, CEU
14:15-14:45Roundtable discussion
Moderator: Gergely Csanda, Head of Marketing – Kürt Academy
Ádám Babocsay, Head of Marketing & Strategy – Budapest School
Norbert Tóth Borbély, Sales & Recruitment Manager – Codecool
Dr. Beáta Nagy, Directors Board Member – Nők a Tudományban Egyesület
Dr. Andrea Kozma, Director – InnovationsLab, CEU
Péter Guzsaly, Partner Liasions Director –

14:45-15:00  Coffee Break

Section 3: How to develop your customer experience by Design thinking and Agile methods

15:00-15:15Presentation: Service design as a struggle in corporations in transformationÁgoston László, Co-founder – Meet
Showing through concrete examples how service design mindset, methodology and toolset can aid transformation for large companies and help them come to terms the hurdles of transformation.
15:15-15:30Case study: ‘Scaled Agile’
Tóth Lajos, HR director – NN Hungary
15:30-15:45Case study: Agile introduction at Vodafone – practical learnings
Dorottya Radics, Agile Coach – Digital Development
Zsuzsanna Tóth, HR Director Hungary – Vodafone

15:45-16:00Presentation: What came first – Digital transformation or agile transformation?
Péter Vityi, Managing Director – Kürt Academy 
Disruptive technology, global competition and changing consumer demand put corporations under considerable pressure. Leaders and experts are searching for methods on how to make companies more flexible and collaborative to stand the test of changing demands. Agile transformation is often viewed as the solution they found, but many can’t execute agile transformation.  

16:00-16:30   Coffee break
16:50-17:00   Closing Panel discussion

Moderator:Ágnes Galambos, Managing Director – Human Digital Group
Péter Vityi, Managing Director – Kürt Academy
László Ágoston, Co-Founder – Meet
Lajos Tóth, HR Director – NN Hungary

The language of the presentations will be Hungarian and no translation will be provided. 

Participation fees

Members single ticket                                              HUF 22,000 + VAT
Members company ticket for 3 pax                          HUF 59,000 + VAT

Non-member regular                                                HUF 39,000 + VAT
Non-members company ticket for 3 pax                 HUF 100,000 + VAT

You can register for the event HERE