“We always feel honoured to be invited to such a pleasant community. Great places, the friendliest people and useful professional experience grew by the BCCH this year.  Thank you for the opportunity.” 

Krisztina Nagy

International Relationship Manager, Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

”Among many professional organisations in Hungary, the BCCH is one of the few genuine platforms where you can exchange your views not only on today’s business but also focusing on future success enablers. Through this, the BCCH adds invaluable knowledge to make you understand how your business will succeed tomorrow.”

Csóti Gábor

Managing Director, Investors In People Hungary

“What can I say?

As a Hungarian SME to join BCCH and other foreign chambers was simply one of the best decisions we have ever made. When we established our firm in 1989, we started to deal with IT and BPO services. At the beginning of 90’s, we decided to work mainly for foreign investors coming to Hungary. When we joined to BCCH, the reason was not only a potential selling pipeline but more importantly a place where we could learn from the business leaders coming from abroad. Since the partners of Memolux were educated during the „Old regime”, we realised that we need to get some „fresh” information about client needs. And BCCH was one the best training centres.

A place where we could share our ideas and get familiar with the market trends and up-to-date requirements of the firms coming from the well-developed world. BCCH is also a society where we were able to learn a lot about the business ethical issues. We are happy with networking options as well where we can meet people with similar interest. So, BCCH means for us a society, which helps us in many ways to gain more businesses directly and indirectly to enjoy life.

In summary, BCCH means for us business pipeline, education, culture, motivation, networking option, business ethics, fun, etc.

It is great to be a member of the BCCH. We are really proud of that.”

Rajkai István

Partner, Director of Strategy and Business Development, MemoLuX Ltd.