The controller of the personal data is the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (address: 18. Sas utca, H-1051 Budapest, telephone number: +36 1 302-5200; email:; website:;  (“BCCH”)

The purpose of the data processing is sending invitations and newsletters via email to those people who provided their name, position, phone number, email address and workplace information in advance. The data processing is based on Section 5 (1) (a) of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Self-Determination in Respect of Information and the Freedom of Information (“Info Act”), i.e. the voluntary and express consent of the data subject, based on adequate information, and by which it gives its unambiguous consent to the processing of its personal data (fully or only for certain operations). The personal data are processed until the revocation of the consent from the relevant person. The following people may have access to the data within BCCH: [The clear and detailed list of the people entitled to access the information shall be inserted. If BCCH has different departments, with more people having access to personal data in the organisation, the privacy information should include the processing rules of each department. The privacy information shall indicate the people that can access the data and the data processing operations they are entitled to perform by which means. It is not necessary to identify them by names; it is enough to indicate their position.]. The data will not be processed outside the organisation of BCCH.


Data security measures

[NAIH expects that BCCH should describe briefly and clearly the data security measures that they use to protect the personal data. The summary of the most important measures should be sufficient. We protect the security of your information as follows:

  • Encryption of the password provided by the user;
  • Communication via encrypted SSL channel; and
  • Restricted access to the information (e.g. only those people can access the data whom it is necessary to fulfil the above data processing purposes.]

Data protection rights and remedies

The data subject has the right to request from BCCH  (a) information on the processing of its personal data, (b) correction of its personal data or (c) the blocking or erasure of its personal data save for personal data subject to mandatory data processing. BCCH  shall give information in writing, in a simple form, pursuant to the request of the data subject within the shortest amount of time from the submission of the request, but within 25 days. If BCCH does not fulfil the request of the data subject concerning correction, blocking or erasure, then BCCH shall communicate in writing or, with the consent of the data subject, electronically the factual and legal reasons of the rejection of the request concerning the correction, blocking or erasure within 25 days from the receipt of the request. In cases defined in Section 21 of the Info Act the relevant people may object to the processing of their personal data. BCCH examines the objection within the shortest amount of time from the submission of the request, but maximum within 15 days, makes a decision concerning its substantiation and notifies the applicant on its decision. When the rights of the relevant person are breached, or in the cases indicated in Section 21 of the Info Act, the data recipient may sue BCCH before court. The dispute – pursuant to the choice of the data subject – can be initiated in front of the tribunal based on the address of place of residence of the data subject. When the rights related to the personal data, data of public interest, on public information based on public interest are breached or jeopardised, the relevant person may also turn to the Hungarian Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.; telephone: +36-1+391-1400; telefax: +36-1-391-1410; e-mail: applying for an investigation. The detailed data protection rights and remedies are set out in the sub-chapters 13-17 and sub-chapter 30 of the Info Act. Prior to the initiation of a procedure it is advisable to send the complaint to BCCH first. [To be inserted: The contact and name of the competent person of BCCH  in data protection matters]

Budapest, 14 August 2018