BCCH Membership Application Form

Please complete this form to apply for BCCH membership.

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12 + 2 =

Membership fees covering the annual subscription are as follows. Please indicate which category you wish to join:

Corporate Plus Member (special VIP service – ask for details) HUF 720,000

Corporate Member HUF 360,000

Associate Member HUF 190,000

Individual Member HUF 110,000

Please note that pursuant to clause 4.4 of the BCCH Charter (available on the BCCH website in the “About Us” section), your membership will become valid on the later of: (i) receipt of the declaration of admission issued by the BCCH management; and (ii) the full payment of the subscription fee (such date being the “Membership Commencement Date”). The BCCH reserves its discretionary right to provide membership services to members whose application for admission has been accepted by BCCH management but who have not yet paid the entire amount of the subscription fee. The provision of membership services may be refused by the BCCH (at its sole discretion) in respect of those members who are in arrears with the payment of their service fee at any time. Membership is for 12 months starting with the Membership Commencement Date, and will be automatically renewed unless written notice is given to the Chamber one month before the expiration date. If you do not wish to renew your membership, please send a note (e-mail or fax) to the BCCH office. The undersigned hereby certifies that the company accepts the terms and conditions of membership stated in the Charter of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and on the application form.