Our members and friends at TMF Group are holding an online webinar on the Transformation of European investor base and what that means for managers.

The event will be held on the 11th of February from 3 pm GMT and its thanks to its focus being the evolution of the European investor base and its effects on fundraising and fund management, it promises to be a worthwhile program for anyone involved with finances.

The agenda of the event is the following:

  • The European investor base has evolved from local pockets of LPs supporting domestic managers into a diverse mix of investors with different objectives, priorities, and manager selection criteria.
  • How should GPs approach this diverse set of potential investors, and how can managers direct their fundraising efforts to the pockets of investors where their offering is most likely to gain traction?
  • In a webinar hosted by TMF Group and Real Deals a panel of managers, LPs and advisers will discuss how the European investor base has transformed and what this means for fund managers.

You can read the topics of discussion and register for free on this link.