With the sixth edition of Context coming up very soon, we are introducing our speakers for the occasion:
Our topic is The progress of the withdrawal agreement and 
without further ado, please find the profiles of our speakers below.

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HMA Paul Fox

British Ambassador to Hungary
British Embassy


HMA Mr Paul Fox is the freshly appointed British Ambassador to Hungary, having assumed his post during this Autumn.
Before coming to Hungary, he had served as the Minister Counsellor in Moscow and spent six years in the UAE, three years as the Consul-General in Dubai and three more as the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
His long and illustrious list of past postings have taken him all around Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East in the previous 3 decades in a career reaching all the way back to Yugoslavia in the late 80’s.

Szabolcs Takács

Ministerial Commissioner for Brexit
Ministry of Foreign Affiars

Szabolcs Takács currently is the Ministerial Commissioner for Brexit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade since 2019, recently an Ambassador-designate to Washington, while he is also the Head of the Hungarian Delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) since 2016. During the Hungarian Chairmanship year of IHRA in 2015-2016 he was the Chair of the organisation.
Prior to these positions, he was State Secretary for European Union Affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office between 2015-2019. Before that, he served as the Deputy State Secretary for Security Policy (Political Director) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He also served as the Deputy State Secretary for Global Affairs between 2012 and 2013, and as a Director General of the Asia-Pacific Department between 2011 and 2012. His earlier assignments included working as a director at the Office of the Deputy State Secretary for Global Affairs in charge of bilateral relations with non-European countries and International Development Cooperation. Between 2005 and 2009 he was the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Hungary in Doha, State of Qatar, and prior to that worked at the Department of Asia-Pacific since joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002.