On this Tuesday, we have concluded our fourth event of the Context series and the final one before going on a bit of a summer break. What started as a necessity to keep events coming in the times when we were unable to meet you in person turned out to be a roaring success with over 200 registrations and 140 guests across the 4 events. With both panelists and guests statisfied, we will continue the series once the time is appropriate again.

As our main goal with the series was providing our members with worthwhile, useful content for the uncertain, odd conditions, we feel this last event, just as the ones preceding it, was highlyy informative and interactive, engaging diverse viewpoints and offering multiple takes on the topic of combating a crisis that hits a company launch.

James McQuillan, our guest representing the grocery delivery service Kifli.hu shared with us how the company was set up in Hungary, gave some good tips about employee assessment and explained how they dealt with the sudden and unexpected increase in demand, with some great anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

Facing an entirely different set of challenges, Andrew Thompson from Brit-Magyar Bilingual School explained the issues they faced as a newly-launched school who was unable to meet prospective “customers” (the parents) in person and how a strong social media advertising campaign helped them to overcome it, get their name out and build a reputation entirely from behind their computers.

Last, but not least, Szecksay Attorneys at Law’s Judit Budai gave her detailed account on the ramifications of the newly imposed laws’ effects on SMEs or local companies and their financing.

Any BCCH Member who is interested in seeing the full 1 hour program can request the recording at bcch@bcch.com regardless whether their company was registered to attend or not.

All in all, we can conclude a successful series for now and extend our thanks to our superb panel and to those who attended for their respective parts in our success.

See you soon and until then, stay safe.

The BCCH Team and the Context organisers