British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary – 2020 Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 16:00-18:00
Venue: MS Teams
The event is free of charge for BCCH Members and their representation is expected.

In spite of the unique circumstances, BCCH’s AGM will be held this September, but as in the current situation it is not recommended to hold any large indoor events, we have moved the AGM to an online platform in accordance with Act LVIII of 2020 on the transitional rules and epidemiological preparedness related to the cessation of the state of danger. The AGM will be held via MS Teams, that we have used without any problems for our Context Series.

Please note that given the special situation and the lack of in-person attendance, we need all our member companies to send a delegate to make sure we meet the quorum for a valid AGM.

​In line with the BCCH Charter, the Council’s composition will remain the same for the next year, so no election will take place at this year’s AGM, but the past 12 months will be discussed.


7 September – Links to the AGM will be sent out via email. (If you were to register later, you will receive the link by the day after registering)
Speeches and reports will be uploaded here in the future and the email mentioned above will also contain a copy of the speeches and reports.
10 September
15:45 – MS Teams room goes live (Please stay in the lobby until admitted to the room)
16:05 – Welcome speech by Her Majesty’s Ambassador HE Mr Iain Lindsay OBE
16:20 – Approval of the Chairman’s report, presented by Mr Duncan Graham
16:40 – Financial Report and Auditor’s Report (approval of the BCCH accounts for 2019) and approval of the BCCH annual budget for 2021 by BCCH’s Treasurer Mr Douglas Arnott
17:00 – Vote on accepting the Chairman’s and Financial Reports – You can download the Chairman’s report and the Treasurer’s report by clicking on the highlighted links. You can also find the yearly financial statement here.
17:30-18:00 – The results are announced, then the moderator closes the AGM.


Voting and attendance information

Participation at the official part of the AGM is for members only and free of charge, but please note that only a maximum of two people from any member company may attend, and each voting member company will have the right to one vote only.

Voting on the reports will be conducted via the “raise hand” feature in Teams. The votes will be tallied by BCCH’s staff and presented to the Chairman and the Executive Director privately.

If no quorum is present at the time of the Annual General Meeting, the adjourned General Meeting shall convene at 16:15 on 10 September 2020 at the same place and such meeting shall have a quorum as regards the matters included in the agenda of the previous Meeting, regardless of the number of Members present or represented.

Members who are entitled to vote but cannot delegate anyone from the company to attend the Annual General Meeting will have the option to appoint a representative of another BCCH voting member with discretionary power to vote for and on behalf of them with a written proxy, a form for which is available here. The number of proxies that a BCCH member can present at the event is limited to a maximum of two. (Please note that the proxy form has to be presented only if the delegate works for another member company, it is not needed if the delegate works within the same firm).

A member whose membership fee has not been fully paid before the AGM may not be entitled to attend and vote, so if in doubt please contact our colleagues at the Finance Department of the BCCH at

Individual and Honorary members are non-voting members but have the right to attend and observe the AGM.


You can register for the event HERE

Participation fee:
BCCH members – free of charge
(only a maximum of two people from any member company may attend free of charge, and each voting member company will have the right to one vote only)

Please confirm your attendance as soon as you can and by Wednesday, 9 September 2020 the latest.