The twelfth event in the Context Series and the final one in 2021 was held on the 24th of November. Our excellent panel spent an hour discussing cybersecurity, with Ms Gabriella Biró, Mr Mihály Zala and Mr Dénes Gölcz all contributing with their vast amount of experience and foresight, ensuring it was a highly informative conversation on this vital topic.

Mihály started the conversation by explaining that throughout the preceding 7-8 years attacks of hackers on the digital world had been a much smaller threat than in the previous 1-2 years. The reason for it of course being Covid-19 and the increased usage of less than adequate protection, with people having had to switch to home office, for which the companies and their security systems were not properly prepared. As a result, companies are being hit by more attacks than before via this “backdoor” into work networks. In addition, he also mentioned budget problems as a cause, companies which might have had to cut down on expenses in the wake of the pandemic don’t spend enough money on security.

Gabriella said that since then, of course, the home office has evolved, and companies are moving forward with digitalisation, but isn’t up to the same standard in all environments and there can be large differences between the preparedness of certain companies. It also varies depending on country (for example, Hungary is in a particularly difficult situation), as well as the size of the companies in question, with a larger company being able to transition at a faster speed. She further mentioned blackmail and the rising importance of cryptocurrencies.

Dénes said that budget problems appeared at small companies, while the problem at larger ones could come from the fact that they tend to only take care of larger security threats, whilst ignoring the small issues, as they often fail to think on the individual level.


If you wish to hear more about the above topics, you can watch (or re-watch) the entire event on this link.

This concludes a successful second season of Context and we thank each and every one of you who attended BCCH’s top online event series so far. Hope to see you next year at the events of the third series.